Repository of the sad musical memories and meanderings of an aging mind.


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Making terrible noise since 1980. So much lower than Lo-Fi, THERMRO sucks their sound out of a 30 yard dumpster behind a Mr Burger (remember those?) , drags it around New Jersey tied to the back of a 1972 Ford Econoline conversion van for 3 years, then dumps it in the Aurthur Kill near the oil tanks where hopefully nobody will find it.


A meeting of 4 dissimilar musical minds in their early/mid 20’s creating what they thought was interesting and unique sounds (but in reality was just another crappy garage band). I’m not sure there is too much to enjoy here, most of it was recorded on a cassette boom box in the corner of the garage.


Flipping the script on Confusment Park (Just to maintain the act of confusement), ATAAJ, once confusement parks master – is now it’s slave. Offbeats, easy keyboard pads and bluesy guitar create a familiar sounding confusment, kinda like comfortable acid flashback mixed with artisanal douche.